• Typically the grass cutting season starts the first week of April (Week of April 1 for 2019), but depending on the weather we have started as early as mid-march before or as late as the 2nd week of April.

    If you have bermuda or zoysia grass, which are hot-weather grasses, typically the first cut is mid-April (week of April 15, 2019).

  • You can choose one or more of the services but you don’t have to choose them all. Many of our customers like the convenience of one company for their maintenance and landscape services.  

  • In the spring and early summer we cut weekly but  in the summer  when it’s very hot and dry we can cut every other week. You just have to call us after the 4th of July and we can schedule your lawn to be cut every other week.

  • Generally it is better to aerate and overseed your lawn in the fall but small dead areas can be seeded in  March or early April.