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Explore the beauty
of a Mid-America Lawn…

There are many factors that set us apart from other lawn care companies but the most important is our personnel. We don\’t have a bunch of young kids applying fertilizer and weed control; we don\’t have grass cutters cut your lawn and then apply fertilizer and weed control. All of our lawn care personnel have years of experience taking care of lawns in the St. Louis area and all of our applicators are licensed by the State of Missouri and follow all EPA guidelines.

Our lawn care program actually covers 6 applications (5 applications for zoysia or bermuda lawns) early and late spring, early and late summer, and early and late fall. The first and second applications contain pre-emergent crabgrass control, fertilizer, and broadleaf weed control; the third and fourth applications contain fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, and iron; the fifth application contains fertilizer and broadleaf weed control; and the sixth application contains fertilizer for winter feeding. This is our regular program, but we also can tailor a lawn care program just for your lawn.

If needed, we can provide insect control for grubs, chinch bugs, and any other pests or fungicide for any disease that may appear in your lawn.

Your lawn care estimate and lawn analysis are free at this time. In addition, we will provide lawn care specials for new customers.

For a free estimate call us at (314) 434-9527.